My Auvergne

From April 4th to May 7th 2019, France, Clermont-Ferrand, LOGIDÔME Hall, 14 Buffon Street

The presents photos reveal the interesting and magnificent landscape of the Auvergne region.
The photos are made in classic analog technology and were taken with my favorite camera – the large format "Linhof". The advantages of this technology are that the image is built on an emulsion layer of a plate, containing several balls of non-uniform structure, which better captures the shades of the image, as opposed to a digital photo consisting of pixels in the same size. On the other hand, this type of camera allows positioning tilted and decentralized of the lens, which provides a greater depth of image – a feature that is lacking in most digital cameras. Another challenge is that this type of shooting involves a greater precision and a complex knowledge of the choice of the angle of view according to the current lighting conditions, because in economic terms the number of photos is limited and the final result can not be verified immediately (as on the digital display).
This exhibition puts the question, often debated, of the future of analog photography : will it remain elitist, will it attract more and more fans among young photographers or will it remain simply in the history as a way, inspiring old masters...

People of Europe

September 2018, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, Exhibition in the street, in front of The Faculty of Fine Arts

The exhibition presents a hasty attempt to create a “portrait” of the European man of the eighth century after a walk of the objectives in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and of course in Bulgaria.

I wanted to show hope through the happiness of ordinary people. Through scenes of everyday life for the most part, taken on the spot, I seek the smile of people, whether children, adults or seniors.

Regards of artists in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

From April 25 to May 4, 2018, France, Clermont-Ferrand, CHAVIGNIER Room, House of Culture, Abbé de l'Épée Street

Participation with landscapes of Auvergne in the exhibition organized by ORACLE (Regional Office of Cultural Action of Liaisons and Exchanges).

Photo Stories

From January 10 to 23, 2017, France, Clermont-Ferrand, CHAVIGNIER Room, House of Culture, Abbé de l’Épée Street

Participation with landscapes of Auvergne in the exhibition organized by ORACLE (Regional Office of Cultural Action of Liaisons and Exchanges) that presents more than one hundred pictures in black and white. The exhibition honors the Clermont’s photographer Thibault Feuillade, who died in September 2016 and for whom the photo was “the way to freeze and transcribe a unique moment despite that it immediately passed”.

Nature and Heritage

From July 1 to August 29, 2014, France, Clermont-Ferrand The Cultural Space of MUTUAL HARMONY, 6 Gaillard Square

Joint exhibition with Marie-Odile Nicolas on themes dealing with nature and heritage, for which we have a shared interest. More than an object of communication, the photo constitutes a real tool of expression of feelings. I also present still lifes in vibrant colors without retouching in the least my shots.

The people of Europe

From October 3th, 2013 to November 3th, 2013, France, Clermont-Ferrand, Municipal space RIERRE-LAPORTE, Centre Jaude

“The image is a pure creation of the spirit...”

The exhibition presents a hasty attempt to create a “portrait” of the European man of the eighth century after a walk of the objectives in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and of course in Bulgaria. If thousands of snapshots made during these travels, I pulled out 63 – as a nod to my ages, 63 years old.
The pictures try to bring a positive feeling about the meeting with the World. Sometimes it is perceived with our own view of the things – the places, the feelings, the perceptions.

The man can remain anonymous, but the images of the people – these “stolen moments” of candid smiles, explicit hopes, non hidden pleasures, jocular eyes, or spontaneous gestures – illustrates signs that bears witness of an optimistic sense or a realistic idea for its time.

Each photo is a testament of the mentality of its photographer, but in the same time with his hidden message it turns each of us into the interpreter, of eternal human values, inextricably linked with the traditions of every nation.

From Architectura (Contemporary architecture Clermont & Environment)

From September 9th to October 11th, 2013, France, Clermont-Ferrand, Hospital “Gabriel Montpied”

Participation in a collective exhibition organized by APSA members (Amateurs Photographers & Filmmakers of Auvergne).

120 years of passion photo

From June 1 to July 2, 2011, France, Clermont-Ferrand, Cultural Space VICTORY, Victory Square

Participation in an exhibition dedicated to 120 years of the creation of APSA (Amateurs Photographers & Filmmakers of Auvergne).

Landscapes of Auvergne

February 2009, France, Clermont-Ferrand, Exhibition hall of the FIT Association

The beautiful landscapes of Auvergne, the secrets of its history, the unique forms of nature... It all reminds me of my homeland, Bulgaria – the mountains, the forests, the trees and the river are so similar in their character. The challenge is to capture the nature’s mood and discover its genuine beauty in each season.

My Country, My Bulgaria

Мay 9th, 2007, France, Charnay-les-Macon

The City Hall of Charney-les-Macon invited me to participate in an exhibition on the occasion of the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union.

I wanted to present Bulgaria with its distinctive natural landmarks, historical sites and folk traditions.

Paris – Yesterday and Today

March 7th, 2006, Bulgaria, Russe

My aim was to present modern Paris and the eternal legends of the city. In an unconventional manner through the camera lenses I tried to recreate the ultramodern and many-colored lights of Paris mystically interwoven with the reflections of the golden domes of ancient palaces and cathedrals. These fairy lights of the capital create an atmosphere of cozy coexistence of antiquity and modernity, myth and reality, aristocratic splendor of the past and modern elegance of the present.

Paris Nights

January 6th, 2006, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo

All places emblematic of the French capital city with its lights and reflections, and the never ending nightlife have always been a challenge for me – the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Bastille, the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, the reflections of Paris in the waters of the Seine by night, the famous Champs-Elysees boulevard...

Madeira – Exotics and Reality

May 26th, 2005, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo; March 29th, 2006, France, Clermont-Ferrand

“One picture can say more than 1000 words...”

The photo exhibition is my photo story about the Portuguese island of Madeira – a peaceful and exotic location with the perfect combination of tropical climate, evergreen forests, cliffs, beautiful flower gardens and historic monuments. In one of the legends, because of its unique nature the island is called The Kiss God. I had the chance to witness the street fiesta during the traditional festival of flowers, which has become one of the major local attractions. The festival features all kinds of flowers grown in Madeira.

Popular images of Eastern Europe

March 7th, 2005, France, Clermont-Ferrand

The exhibition included black and white photographs, arranged in a reportage revealing the life in Eastern Europe and the former socialist block.

Taking photos of people's behaviors and the moments when they show their feelings reveals the true human nature. A good photographer may become a part of people’s life without interfering in its course.

My Country

June 11th, 2004, Belgium, Brussels, European Parliament

A charity photo exhibition under the motto My Country at the European Parliament in Brussels, organized by representatives of the countries from the Danube region – Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania and Hungary.

I presented my country with selected landscapes of unique places in Bulgaria showing its charming nature and preserving the memory of its historical past and cultural tradition.

The Rhodopes – The Sacred Mountain

May 20th, 2002, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo; December 16th, 2004, France, Clermont-Ferrand, FIT Gallery, La Martin Street

The landscapes were selected from my numerous trips through the most picturesque Bulgarian mountain.

In order to take a good picture photographer, need little technical knowledge. The process of shooting is a necessary condition, but what is more important is to predict what will be sealed on the film. This takes a lifetime to learn. Photographers, like all people, are subject to yearnings, sadness or joy, but their current moods always affect the way they take pictures. Once we have found our own style, our works begin to speak of our level of mastership...

Landscapes of Bulgaria

January 31st, 2004, France, Clermont-Ferrand, ESPAS RHOTO Gallery

Through the means of photography I wanted to provoke curiosity about a strange country, which is almost exotic to the French. For me photos are the best stories because photography has the advantage of being a universal language for human communication between all generations and all nationalities.

Veliko Tarnovo - a Winter Fairy Tale

January 30th, 2003, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, DONALD Gallery

When I decided to make an exhibition with main subject Veliko Tarnovo in winter, I faced at least two challenges. First of all, the temperatures there are very low in winter and it is difficult to shoot in such weather conditions. Secondly, the town has been photographed a lot and for someone who lives there it is much more difficult to catch the angle. Everything seems familiar – the perspective, the light, the way the town looks when shrouded in mist or illuminated by the winter sun.

Paris by Night

January 29th, 2002, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, DONALD Gallery

In this exhibition I arranged the memorable moments I had experienced during a trip to Paris just a few days before the introduction of the Euro in France.

It is not important how many exhibitions one has made, the most important question for the photographer is if people would understand the pictures ... What we have captured is actually our worldview.

Glimpses of Macedonia

April 26th, 2000, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, DONALD Gallery

The exhibition was organized by a travel agency with the help of which I made a trip to Macedonia.

The towns of Ohrid, Bitola and Skopje are unique with their old churches, cobbled streets and picturesque houses. I had the feeling that I have known the land and its people for years. And also, the magnificent Lake Ohrid – the deepest lake in Europe and the oldest one in the world – just a perfect creation of nature.

1990, Lithuania, Bauskas

Participation in the International Exhibition of Photography – 1990.

1989, Latvia, Riga

Participation in the International Exhibition of Photography – 1989.

Glimpses of the Day

1988, Bulgaria, Sofia, Exhibition Hall of the “The Woman today” magazine

The exhibition was organized by “The Woman today” magazine as a photo reportage from everyday life. Many photos were later published on the pages of the magazine.


1982, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, Exhibition Hall of the Factory for Storage Devices

Picturesque landscapes from the surroundings of Veliko Tarnovo.

Feast of Love

1980, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo

Reportages from Saint Petersburg and Riga.

White nights in Saint Petersburg

1979, Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, Exhibition hall in the Trade Union’s House of Culture

Reportages from Saint Petersburg, Russia.