Artistic biography

Nayden NAYDENOV was born on January, 6th 1950 in the village of Petko Karavelovo, Bulgaria. He lives in France since 2003.
Education: Mechanical Engineer, Technical University of Ruse, Bulgaria, 1973
Title: Photographer-Painter, Bulgarian Ministry of Culture, 1979

Professional practice

1983 – 2003 – Photojournalist in the teams of the regional newspapers Dobro Utro, Borba, Sinjo Vreme and Yantra Dnes, in the Gard magazine, in the national media Paraleli and Otechestvo; cameraman in regional television Videosat
1998 – 2003 – First Correspondent Photographer of the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency (BTA) for the Veliko Tarnovo region
1985 – 1993 – Chairperson of the regional branch of the Photographer’s Club in Bulgaria
2009 – 2010 – Chairperson of the Association of Amateur Photographers and Filmmakers in Auvergne, situated in Clermont-Ferrand 


1980 – Silver medal from an International Photography Exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1982 – Silver medal from the National Competition for Best Slide in Pleven, Bulgaria
1989 – Diplomas for participation in national and international exhibitions for achievements in the fields of landscape, portraiture, reportage and other genres of black and white and colour fine-art photography


Representative Albums

Veliko Tarnovo – 21st century. The incredible Bulgarian town (2001)
Bulgaria Collection (2004)
Veliko Tarnovo – Past and Present (2006)

Travel Guides and Books

Travel Guide of Veliko Tarnovo (2003)
Cultural and Historical Guide of Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Lovech (2003)
The St. Nicholas Temple in Veliko Tarnovo (2003)
On Bulgarian People and Language (2007)
Collection of short stories A Handful of Beads (2007)
Almanac for literature and art Sveta Gora (2009) and others

Some of his photographic works are preserved in the Bulgarian National Archives and in the Regional History Museum of Veliko Tarnovo.
His works have been purchased by private collectors from Australia, England, Germany and the United States.